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Temporary Suspension Requests Of The Extension, Replacement, Changing The Use Of Land Plots And Increase The Height Of Buildings In All Governorates Of The Sultanate
Announcement Date :  05/05/2014 Visitors Count : 1552

 The Ministry of Housing announces, in coordination with the competent authorities, an overall review to all structural schemes of the Sultanate in order to regulate the use of lands and find residential, commercial and industrial schemes in accordance to the needs of the coming period of the overall development in the Sultanate.

In conjunction with the preparation of the overall study of the urban strategy in the Sultanate, as well as to prevent procedures that would affect the progress of planning studies to be initiated, and in the pursuit of the public interest; The Ministry announces to citizens in all Wilayats of the Sultanate that a temporary suspension will be applied on receiving new requests, starting from today, Monday: 5/5 /2014 / for the following requests:

 1  .Requests of extension.
 2  .Requests of replacement of land plots.
   3.Requests of changing land use .
   4.Requests of increasing building heights .
The Ministry will announce soon about the process of receiving applications after completing the structural studies of schemes in all Governorates of the Sultanate.
And for the importance please cooperate for the common good,