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 Electronic Payment Policy


The Ministry of Housing provides electronic payment service to users and beneficiaries of the electronic services provided by the Ministry, through its website to save time and effort. The service is available at all times, and there are no guarantees of non-interruption of service or interruption of the system or incompatibility with hardware and software of the users.

The Ministry reserves the right to suspend or withdraw access, without notice, to either the whole or part of the payment site, for any reason. Any links within this payment site to third party websites are not checked by the ministry and the ministry bears no responsibility for the content of external sites.

Delivery Policy

e-Payment service is online through the Ministry of Housing website You will receive a confirmation message for the successful transaction of e-payment through SMS or e-mail.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In case of deducting money more than once for the same transaction, the customer has the right to refund the collected money and contact the ministry by email at: with attaching the following documents:

• Bank statement showing the repeated deducting money processes.
• Evidence of the payment received by email.
• Copy of the transaction, ID card and debit card used.

There are some considerations should be taken while refund process:

• The refunded money will be due to the customer who has the account of the credit /debit card has been used for the payment without paying attention for the actual customer of the transaction.
• The refund process will be through one week from the date of the transaction.
• Customer review the ministry within a week and in case of delay the ministry is not responsible for any delay in refund.