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Distribution Over Than 34,000 Land Plot in 2018
Distribution Over Than 34,000 Land Plot in 2018
Published Date : 20/03/2019 Visitors Count : 264

The number of land plots distributed in the Sultanate during last year reached 34,033 land plot of different uses, according to a report issued by the Ministry of Housing.

The Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah came first in the number of land distributed by 8,441 land plot of different uses, followed by Al Dahirah by 5,819, then North Al Sharqiyah come third by 5,276, followed by South Al Batinah by 3,521 land plot, Muscat scored 2,987 and South Al Sharqiyah witnessed the distribution of 2,583 land plot.

North Al Batinah Governorate registered 2,174 land plot, while Dhofar governorate ranked eighth place by 1,749 land, then Al Wusta by 853 land plot, followed by Al Buraimi by 570 and finally Musandam Governorate scored 60 land plot of different uses.

The report stressed that the Ministry of Housing is continuing its policy of distributing lands depending on the availability of lands and schemes despite the challenges posed by the high number of applications, especially the housing applications, and the difficult geographic nature in some Wilayats.