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Minister of Housing inaugurates the electronic survey project In Muscat Governorate
Minister of Housing inaugurates the electronic survey project In Muscat Governorate
Published Date : 02/05/2019 Visitors Count : 220

HE Shaikh Saif bin Mohammed Al Shabibi, Minister of Housing, inaugurated on Wednesday (1/5/2019) the Ministry of Housing 's Office of the Ministry of Housing and Rural Development in Muscat, in the presence of His Excellency Abdullah bin Salem Al - Mukhaini.

The new e-survey project provides a lot of time and effort. Many of the previous procedures for extracting the e-survey are limited to a number of limited steps that begin with the citizen applying for a new sketch through the ministry's website or Amman post offices , Then the competent employee in the Ministry to review the data of the plot of land and the accuracy of the drawing of the area and then be converted to electronic survey

(Crook) to the Department of projection and audit, which in turn turn directly to specialists in the unified service building (one stop) in preparation for extracting the electronic survey (karaoke) electronically with the title of land ownership so that the citizen can receive the electronic survey (crook) within three working days.

The new system will notify the citizen in each of the steps mentioned by text messages (SMS) on the mobile phone, and the system contains the property of confirmation of the authenticity of the data of the plot electronically before the initiation of transactions, for example, by scanning the property (bar code) Electronic Surveyors (Croki) to prevent fraud.

It should be noted that the Ministry has implemented the system experimentally since a period during which the completion of many electronic transactions of cadastral drawings, and that the experience of the electronic system to be distributed to the other districts in the provinces gradually.