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 Terms of Use

Using Ministry of Housing website means users agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use and adhere to the following, along with the approved Privacy Policy We have.


While the Ministry of Housing strives to make the information on this website as timely and accurate as possible, the Ministry makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this site, and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this site.


Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in these Terms and Conditions, the Ministry of Housing will not assume any liability for any direct, incidental, special or consequential, or any loss of revenue or profits arising out of use of the site.


Most of the documents on this site are in HTML or ASCII (plain text) formats. These formats are generally accessible to people who use screen readers. We also have a large number of documents in Adobe Acrobat® Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF format is used to preserve the content and layout of our hard copy publications. Publications in PDF can only be viewed and printed using the Adobe AcrobatReader®, version 3.0 or higher. You can download and get help using the Acrobat Reader at the Adobe Systems, Inc. site. The downloadable Acrobat Reader software is available at NO CHARGE from Adobe.

Links to Other Websites

The Ministry of Housing is not responsible for the content of any sites that show links connected to it on the website of the Ministry of Housing website, as these links are only available to the user's convenience and to facilitate dealing with the Internet. Accordingly, the User agrees that he/she understands and acknowledges that the entry of these sites is their responsibility alone, as the Ministry of Housing does not control these sites or the information they contain. Hence, the Ministry of Housing does not assume the lowest Responsibility for any loss or damage to the user as a result of adoption of any form to any of those sites or the information contained in. You may wish to review the privacy notice since their information collection practices may differ from ours.

Modify Service Website

Ministry of Housing reserves the right to change its website and / or amended it from time to time.

User Responsibilities

  • In accordance with the terms and provisions of the Housing Ministry, the user must maintain at all times the confidentiality of the password assigned to him / her to enter the e-service part of the Ministry of Housing website to ensure that non-disclosure or disclosure to any person in any form whatsoever. The user alone bear full responsibility for all expenses, losses and damages arising from any use of the identity of the user and / or password for it, whatever the reason for this.
  • The user can change the password for his / her from time to time to ensure the security and confidentiality. 

Policy of Data Collection and Protection

- When applying for e-services of the Ministry of Housing website, it is necessary that the user provide his/her personal information("Personal Data"). If the user data is incomplete or incorrect, the Ministry of Housing will not be able to process the e-service request.

- The User agrees that the Ministry of Housing may be using their data / personal data provided by them and maintain that data in accordance with the privacy policy adopted with regard to Internet. Please refer our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property, Copyright and Trademark

  • The content of the Ministry of Housing website is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights, as applicable.
  • When user sends materials to the Ministry of Housing through its website or e-mail or otherwise, it means user authorizes to the Ministry of Housing an irrevocable authorization to reproduce such material, modify, distribute or create derivative work from it in any form.  

Using Discussion Forum

The discussion forum aims to increase openness, transparency and citizen participation in various objectives and affairs of the Ministry of Housing.

Suggestions and Comments

- If you have any suggestions or comments about the privacy policy document, your opinions and ideas are welcomed, in order to help us to provide better services.

- Comments that do not comply with the Omani culture, and include vulgar language or offensive words or an advertisement for services or products will not be published.

- Ministry of Housing reserves the right to publish the comments in the discussion forum.